Our friendly pet sitters are knowledgeable and thoroughly screened. Every pet sitter is background checked, and we are licensed, insured, and bonded. After registering as a client, we set up a meeting so you can explain your routine to your local pet sitters. Since we offer pet care service 24/7, we usually send two pet sitters for you to meet. This is how we can give our pet sitters a day off, but more importantly, if something happens to your primary pet sitter while you are away, we have a backup sitter who has already met your animals. Of course, we always send your primary pet sitter to visit your animals; this way, your pets get used to your preferred pet sitter.

Who is my local pet sitter?

Our pet sitters cover a 5-10 mile radius to visit your animals in your home. Besides the distance, we also consider compatibility. Usually, when our client has a huge energetic dog, we send one of our young and strong pet sitters instead of one of our older semi-retired ladies. Rarely, we may have a client whose dog may be afraid of men, so when this is the case, we make sure we send one of our female pet sitters. Most of our pet sitters are college students and semi-retired pet sitters, but some of our sitters are working with us full-time. Our job is 24/7 not to mention we work on holidays, for that reason, we usually send you two of our pet sitters to meet. This way, we can offer days off to our pet sitters.

Pet Sitter in the Acreage FL

My name is Monika Stefaniak, the owner of House and Hound Care. I have been offering pet care and sitting services since 2004 to hundreds of happy clients. The House and Hound Care’s mission is to provide: Professional, Knowledgeable, and Compassionate service to our clients.

My Personal Story:

I grew up in a small town in Hungary. When I was a small girl, I collected stray animals from the street, even though it was always a struggle to convince my mom to let me keep them. After my studies, I moved to Germany, then later to England. Eventually, I traveled the world as a photographer. During my travels, I met my best friend and now husband Jeff Stefaniak. If you are really interested you can read more here about how I ended up pet-sitting.


Communication and honesty are very important to our company. We respond to your phone calls right away and our pet sitters show up on time for our pet sitting and walking visits. While we visit your home we also update you with photos. Our company is Licensed, Insured, Bonded, and we are also certified members of Pet Sitters International.


We have studied and successfully passed our pet care study program and participate in continuous learning activities to constantly improve our knowledge and experience with all aspects of pet care, positive reinforcement dog training methods, and all types of pet’s health.


We adore animals. Your pets will receive lots of loving care and attention. Keeping your pets safe and healthy is always our top priority. We are also involved with local pet rescue organizations to give back to the less fortunate animals and our community.

Our Pet Sitters in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie, and Miami-Dade Counties

We have a team of professional pet sitters and walkers who work together, but you will have the same pet sitter visiting your home unless there is an emergency. In this case, we occasionally help each other out with pet-sitting duties.
Your visits are GPS-tracked so you can always see how long we stayed in your home and where we walked your dog. Our online scheduling system is easy to use and safe. While you are at work or on vacation we always send you confirmations in our app about your home and animals.