Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in Cooper City, FL

Cooper City Pet Sitter Hello, my name is Lori; I am an animal lover, caretaker, and dog sitter in Cooper City, Florida. If you live in the area, you have seen me walking my 11-year-old redbone coonhound, Summer, around town. I am also a regular at the Cooper City dog parks and know ALOT of the resident dogs. Let’s be clear, though, I LOVE all animals, except for frogs ( lol, everyone has their limits), but other than that, I love all fuzzies, big and small, and reptiles, birds, and fish.

I have had a passion for animals my whole life. Growing up in Canada, my father was allergic to dogs and cats, so they were out of the question, even though I wanted one so badly. Instead, I assembled my childhood menagerie of turtles, fish, lizards, and birds. Being around animals has always filled me with joy. I volunteered at the S.P.C.A. in Montreal for over 8 years, mostly taking dogs for walks but also helping out with adoptions and feeding the cats and birds. 

Once I got my first apartment, I adopted a grumpy orange tabby cat named Taboo and an abandoned baby parakeet ( with almost no feathers at the time) named Maleka. I trained Maleka to say three words, which she used in various tones and pentameters like a whole language. She was constantly saying the words weirdo, crazy, and morning to everyone and anyone who came to our home. As a side note, I also trained Taboo not to hurt Maleka, which I consider a huge feat considering how much he wanted to at the beginning! I had my cat Taboo for 18 wonderful years and Maleka for 9, they both came with me and my future husband Adam when we moved to Long Beach, California, to go to school for interior design.

After graduation, I joined a large design firm in Beverly Hills specializing in luxury hotel interiors. I worked long, crazy hours but loved every minute of it. 

When my husband and I were ready to start a family, though, we moved from California to Florida, partially to be closer to my family in Canada but also because my husband is an Aston Martin and McLaren mechanic, so the best jobs for him are in hot places where people can drive those fancy cars year-round. I started my own interior design and home staging company in 2008 and have been able to work on some really fantastic projects. When we sold our last home in 2016, I was searching listings on Zillow and found my new direction-home staging. I was shocked to see how many homes were put on the market in ramshackle condition, really limiting the home’s sale price. Ever since I have been working with realtors to get homes sold fast.  I have a steady schedule of three nights a week that I work staging mostly vacant homes, getting them ready for resale. 

But this leaves me a lot of spare time during the day… which made me think of my other passion- animals! When I came across the posting to be a pet sitter/ dog walker in Cooper City, I couldn’t resist! 

I would love to be your pet sitter/ dog walker!  Does your poodle need a pep talk? Maybe your cat has a special toy that gets him excited… I am all for special requests! Anything I can do to make your loved one feel special when you can’t be there is my absolute pleasure. I promise you that I will always show up when I say that I will and will always make sure to take excellent care of your pet.

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Visits

Pet Sitting

15 minutes visit $20
30 minutes visit $25
1 hour visit $40

There is a $5 surcharge on weekends and visit requested for before 7 AM and after 7 PM

50% surcharge on major holidays: New years day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Dog Boarding in the Pet Sitters’ Home

Overnight Pet Sitting

Small to medium size dogs $50/day
Larger dogs (over 25 pound) $60/day

We only take care of a limited number of well behaved, social dogs in our home

Overnight Pet Sitting in your Home

Dog Boarding in the pet sitter's home

Overnight pet sitting in your home $80
$20 surcharge for weekends and holidays

This service is between 9 pm and 6 am and includes two walks, one when we arrive and one before we leave your home. (You probably will need one or two additional visits during the day if you have a dog.

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