Pet Sitter in West Palm Beach FL

Pet Sitter in West Palm Beach FL

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Pet Sitter in West Palm Beach FL

Hello there! My name is Ashley Herrera! I would love to tell you a bit about myself and what got me into pet sitting and a few other fun little facts about me!
I got into pet sitting 3 years ago (2019) my mother would always take me to the houses she would clean and a lot of her clients needed someone to take care of their animals when they were away on a trip overseas or on a family road trip and they would always ask me! So I’ve taken care of all types of animals BIG and small! And I loved them all the same! We don’t discriminate against pets around here! Nope! They all get my love.
I have always loved animals, as a little girl I had all types of pets from aquatic ones to tiny rodents, all of my memories as a child are full of me with some sort of pet! Currently, I have around 7 pets 2 cats, and 5 dogs! The silliest pet I have is a sausage dog that I named Pepino (means cucumber in English) he always wants to act so toughly but is such a sweetheart! His nose always makes me giggle, everyone just loves him! But if I told you I had a rooster in my house would you believe me? Lol
Before I started pet sitting I was working in restaurants for a while but that just wasn’t for me, I wanted to do something more, something related to our furry four-legged friends! :)
Wanna know why I would be a perfect fit to take care of your little furry one? Well first of all I will take care of them with my life! I mean it if a paradoxical situation were to occur you better believe your pet comes first! Need them to be bathed properly? NO PROBLEM I’ve been bathing my pets since I was like 8! Need them to be watched over like a HAWK? I’m your gal! I won’t even blink!! (●__●)
My hobbies? Well, I’m glad you asked!! :) I do everything from painting to singing, hiking, playing video games, and reading! One of my biggest achievements would definitely be my book collection I have around 100 books!! I definitely believe reading is so fun and entertaining! A good book will literally have me hooked for hours!
I truly do enjoy playing and taking care of all types of animals I just love animals! I can do it all! most importantly LOVE them♥

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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Visits

Woman with a dog and Cat

15 minutes visit $20
30 minutes visit $25
1 hour visit $40

There is a $5 surcharge on weekends and visit requested for before 7 AM and after 7 PM

50% surcharge on major holidays: New years day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Dog Boarding in the Pet Sitters’ Home

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Small to medium size dogs $50/day
Larger dogs (over 25 pound) $60/day

We only take care of a limited number of well behaved, social dogs in our home

Overnight Pet Sitting in your Home

Margate Dog Walker

Overnight pet sitting in your home $80
$20 surcharge for weekends and holidays

This service is between 9 pm and 6 am and includes two walks, one when we arrive and one before we leave your home. (You probably will need one or two additional visits during the day if you have a dog.