We provide top-tier Pet Sitting services in Abacoa, FL. Contact us to arrange a free meet-and-greet so we can meet your pets and review their daily routines. We offer daily dog walks, pet sitting visits, overnight stays at your home, or private dog boarding at our place. We’re licensed, insured, bonded, and absolutely adore animals. While you’re away, we send notes and photos every time we visit, and all our walks are GPS-tracked.

Pet sitting pricing in Abacoa

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Visits

Pet Sitting

15 minutes visit $20
30 minutes visit $25
1 hour visit $40

There is a $5 surcharge on weekends and visits requested for before 7 AM and after 7 PM

50% surcharge on major holidays: New years day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Dog Boarding in the Pet Sitters’ Home

Overnight Pet Sitting

Small to medium size dogs $60/day
Larger dogs (over 25 pound) $70/day

We only take care of a limited number of well-behaved, social dogs in our home.

Overnight Pet Sitting in your Home

Dog Boarding in the pet sitter's home

Overnight pet sitting in your home $80
$20 surcharge for weekends and holidays

This service is between 9 pm and 6 am and includes two walks, one when we arrive and one before we leave your home. (You probably will need one or two additional visits during the day if you have a dog.

Pet sitting reviews in Abacoa

Our pet sitting service providers in Abacoa

Pet Sitting Visits

Pet Sitting Visits in our client’s home in Abacoa FL

This service is the most cost-effective if you have multiple pets because we charge per visit, not per pet. Your pets can stay comfortably at home since we can drop by during the day. We’ll look after all your pets and your home as well. During our visits, we’ll scoop the cat litter box, collect your mail, and water the plants. If you’d like, we can also take out the trash and adjust the lights to give your home an occupied appearance while you’re away. At our complimentary introductory visit, we can go over your pet care preferences and routine to maintain their daily schedule in your absence.

Dog Walking Visits

Daily Dog Walking in Abacoa FL

Are long work hours keeping your dog cooped up, or are you heading out of town for a few days? Perfect! Our daily dog walking service is specifically designed for busy professionals. We’ll customize our walks according to your needs. Your walker will take your pup for a refreshing stroll and refill the water bowl. When we walk dogs, we focus exclusively on yours. We don’t offer pack walks, but if you have two or three dogs, we’ll walk them all at no extra cost. To ensure safety, we steer clear of other neighborhood dogs unless instructed otherwise. Your dog’s safety is our top priority.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Dog Boarding in the Pet Sitter’s Home in Abacoa FL

Planning a trip and want your dog to stay in a pet sitter’s home? Our private, cage-free dog boarding is a favorite among long-term vacationers and business travelers. Your dog will enjoy a vacation of their own, sleeping in our bed and playing freely. Why choose a kennel when you can opt for an affordable private boarding service instead? We welcome only a small number of well-behaved, non-aggressive dogs to ensure your furry friend receives all the love and attention they deserve.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight in Home Pet Sitting in Abacoa FL

Would you like your pets to remain comfortably at home while you’re away? If they need extra care, we can stay overnight to ensure they’re well taken care of. Our overnight pet sitting includes feeding, dog walking, scooping the litter box, picking up your mail, and watering your indoor plants. We’ll be there from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. If you choose our overnight pet and home-sitting service, consider one or two additional visits during the day for a midday dog walk and another around 4-5 p.m. for dinner.

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