Meet your in-home pet sitter in Margate, FL. We offer trusted loving pet care in your home or our home. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded, and we have an excellent reputation. Contact us to set up a complimentary visit to meet you and your animals to go over your care routine. We GPS track our pet-sitting visits and dog walks and we send photos and videos of your animals every time we visit them in Margate.

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In-home pet sitter pricing in Margate

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Service
  • 15 minutes $20
  • 30 minutes $25
  • One hour $40

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting Visits
  • 15 minutes $20
  • 30 minutes $25
  • One hour $40

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding
  • $60 /day (under 25 lb)
  • $70 /day (over 25 lb)

Overnight petsitting

  • $80/ night
  • $100/night on weekends
  • 9 pm to 6 am

There is a $5 surcharge added to each visit on weekends and visits requested for before 7 AM and after 7 PM. 50% surcharge on major holidays: New years day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

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Our pet sitting services in Margate FL

  • We love animals, and we are knowledgeable about pet care
  • Our Company is Licensed, Insured, and Bonded
  • Our dog walks are GPS tracked with time and map
  • We send our clients daily updates with photos
  • 24/7 service all year round, rain or shine
  • We are an accredited member of Pet Sitters International
  • We love giving the best pet sitting service
  • Check out our Google reviews

– Daily Dog Walking
– Cat Sitting Visits
– Dog Sitting in the Pet Sitter’s Home
– Overnight Pet Sitting in Your Home
– Vacation Pet Care
– Short and Long-Term House Sitting
– Pet Transportation

In-home pet sitter in Margate, FL

In-home Pet Sitter in MargateMy name is Laura and I offer in-home pet sitting in Margate, as well as Pompano Beach, Tamarac, Coral Springs, and Parkland. I have taken care of many pets for others, close friends, and families for many years before being a professional pet sitter in Margate. Rest assured, I aim to provide compassion and care for all of your beloved babies in the same way I love my own. I know very well the importance of finding someone you will be able to trust with the livelihood of your pet while you are away, I have my precious fur baby and I value her life more than my own. As all, we pet owners know, our pets are more than just a pets, they’re family.      I’ve had a few pets in my lifetime, in my earlier years of adolescence I had a few hamsters, birds, and a pit bull, I’ve always had and cared for pit bulls all my life. At the moment, I now have 1 dog, Sugar an American Staffordshire Terrier, just as her name implies, she is super sweet. I rescued Sugar and it saddened me to know that she came from an abusive home but despite that, Sugar was just the sweetest dog I’ve ever met right from the very beginning. I frequently take her on car rides (which are her absolute favorite), and we also visit the beach and parks quite often. I love to take her on long walks, it keeps us both healthy! :) Sugar goes crazy to play fetch and we often just run around the backyard like some crazy kids, haha, so I am always very playful and will make sure your pets get some good exercise and have a good time!   Before deciding to be a pet sitter, I was recently studying nursing but while I was in school, I realized that what I truly longed for was a journey towards self-discovery and to find my true passion towards a meaningful/fulfilling life. I used to volunteer at an animal shelter/rescue about two years ago and got to spend much time learning dogs and their behaviors and it gave me insight on how to care for them. Along with my personal experience of adopting two rescues, it taught me the patience and understanding to truly care for an animal. Animals depend on us for many things, it goes above providing them with necessities for survival, they need love and compassion. I love all animals very deeply, I tend to get along great with animals. If you decide to have me care for your babies, I will do so to the best of my abilities and treat them with tender care in your place. Now let’s get a little personal, currently, my hobbies are reading learning many new things, and strengthening my spirituality. I’m studying religion and I have many interests, the world is a vast place and there is much to learn. I enjoy reading non-fiction and historical/philosophical books, I enjoy learning new languages and cultures. If I were to choose my greatest strengths, I would say it’s my open mind, empathy, and idealism. My long-range goals are finding a cause that speaks to my beliefs and convictions, that doesn’t diminish my strong feelings and I wish to contribute to a world where every voice is heard and no one’s needs go unmet. I enjoy playing with animals in my care, animals must be active, as it aids in their health and spirit. Although I am not a specialized professional in grooming or training, I am willing/able to groom or train to the best of my abilities. Having experience in a professional medical environment, I am confident and willing to administer medications, I am also licensed in CPR allowing me to be trained in first aid. I speak 3 languages fluently English, Portuguese, and Spanish, I also speak French immediately. I wish to provide confidence in the safety of your pet’s care and provide them with love and attention to their specific needs. I am looking forward to being your in-home pet sitter in Margate!

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