Benefits of Using a Regular Dog Walking Services

benefit of hiring a dog walkerExercise is important for your dogs. Using a regular dog walking service can help to ensure your pets get the exercise they need.

Life can be hectic. It can be hard to get your dogs out for regular walks. Whether you’re working overtime, traveling, or just don’t have the time, hiring a dog walking service provides the answer.

Here are a few of the top benefits of using a regular dog walking service.

7 Top Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walking Service

1. Improved Dog Health

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates more than half the dogs in the United States are obese. A big reason for this is a lack of exercise. 

You can improve your dog’s health with multiple 20-minute walks every day. Hiring a dog walking service can ensure your dogs don’t suffer due to a lack of exercise.

2. Better Sleep Schedule

Just like humans, dogs have a certain circadian rhythm. This rhythm can get off track without regular walks. Hiring a dog walking service can help restore your dog’s natural circadian rhythm, which leads to a normal sleep schedule.

3. Relieves Stress

Your dog feels stress, some more than others. When your dog becomes stressed, exercise offers a great way to relieve that stress. You don’t need to feel guilty when you leave your dog if you hire a dog walking service.

They will get the exercise they need and you and your dog can relax. Not only will the walks help relieve your dog’s stress, but also your own stress.

4. Better Behavior

A dog that enjoys regular walks is better behaved than one getting fewer walks. Regular walks help to release energy, which can make your dog calmer.

5. Saves you Time

If you’re a very busy person, hiring a regular dog walking service helps to save you time. You won’t have to spend your lunch break walking your dog or race home from work to take your dog out before they have an accident.

6. Stimulation and Socialization

Exercise is the obvious benefit walks provide for your dog, but did you know they also gain stimulation and socialization from walks? The many smells and sounds along the way help to stimulate your dog. 

When you run into other dogs and people, your dog can gain good socialization, as well. Even brief encounters can provide excellent benefits for your dog.

7. Helps with Young and Old Dogs

Young puppies need to go out more often than dogs of one-year-old or more. It can be difficult to get them out as often as necessary if you’re working full-time. Using a regular dog walking service can ensure your puppy gets outside to go potty as often as needed.

Older dogs tend to have weaker bladders. The older they get, the more they will need to be walked, which can become difficult. If you have an older dog, hiring a dog walking service can help ensure your dog gets out as often as they need to for their weakening bladder.

Hiring a dog walking service provides many benefits. From the time-saving benefits you gain to the many physical and mental benefits for your dog, you’ll notice a difference. If you don’t have time to walk your dog as often as they need to be walked, it’s time to hire a trusted dog walking service in Palm Beach County.