Meet your local pet sitter Fort Pierce, FL. We offer trusted loving pet care in your home or our home. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded, and we have an excellent reputation. Contact us to set up a complimentary visit to meet you and your animals to go over your care routine. We GPS track our pet-sitting visits and dog walks and we send photos and videos of your animals every time we visit them in Fort Pierce.

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Pet sitter pricing in Fort Pierce

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Service
  • 15 minutes $20
  • 30 minutes $25
  • One hour $40

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting Visits
  • 15 minutes $20
  • 30 minutes $25
  • One hour $40

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding
  • $60 /day (under 25 lb)
  • $70 /day (over 25 lb)

Overnight petsitting

  • $80/ night
  • $100/night on weekends
  • 9 pm to 6 am

There is a $5 surcharge added to each visit on weekends and visits requested for before 7 AM and after 7 PM. 50% surcharge on major holidays: New years day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

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Our pet sitting services in Fort Pierce FL

  • We love animals, and we are knowledgeable about pet care
  • Our Company is Licensed, Insured, and Bonded
  • Our dog walks are GPS tracked with time and map
  • We send our clients daily updates with photos
  • 24/7 service all year round, rain or shine
  • We are an accredited member of Pet Sitters International
  • We love giving the best pet sitting service
  • Check out our Google reviews

– Daily Dog Walking
– Cat Sitting Visits
– Dog Sitting in the Pet Sitter’s Home
– Overnight Pet Sitting in Your Home
– Vacation Pet Care
– Short and Long-Term House Sitting
– Pet Transportation

Pet Sitter in Fort Pierce, FL

Pet Sitter in Fort PierceHi! My name is Antoine, your dedicated pet sitter in Fort Pierce. As a second-year college student who’s lived in Fort Pierce for pretty much my entire life, I’ve always had a deep love for animals. My family adopted a young black Labrador Retriever named Pixie when I was a little kid. She was an energetic bundle of happiness, and I spent countless hours playing with her in the backyard and running around the house until we both ran out of energy.

Even as I grew older, I continued to surround myself with animals. Over a decade ago, we adopted a tabby kitten named Pia, who would always watch me from atop her cat tree or wake me up for breakfast more consistently than any alarm clock. Three years ago, our cat family expanded with another tabby cat named Azula, who brought her unique mix of chaos and love into our home.

I can’t wait to work with all of you and help take care of your precious pets and family members alongside the House and Hound Care staff. As your pet sitter in Fort Pierce, I’m committed to providing the same level of love and care to your furry friends as I do to my own.

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