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Daily dog walker in Coconut Creek FL

I offer daily dog walking and pet sitting in Coconut Creek, Margate, Palm Aire, Cypress Bend, and other communities that
are within a 10-mile radius.  I have always loved and felt strongly connected to animals and the natural world. As a child, I had several pets including one small stray dog who I rescued from beneath a tree during a rainstorm. Shivering and wet, I brought him home to my mother who reluctantly allowed him to stay temporarily. “Peanuts” remained with us throughout my entire childhood and became a beloved family member.
Another rescued pet was a blue jay that I found with an injured wing. I took him home and with care, he soon recovered enough to perch on my shoulder as I rode my bicycle around the neighborhood. In time, his wing was also healed and when I was certain that he could fly, I released him into the air. He flew in a large circle and returned to my shoulder once, before flying away as he should.
After high school, I moved to Santa Fe, NM, and later to Baltimore, MD to pursue a degree in Fine Arts. Living in Santa Fe provided me with the unique experience of living in the mountainous southwest. Since many of my fellow students were Native American, I was introduced to various tribal cultures. Many aspects of the
Native cultures resonated with my own beliefs especially their reverence for the animal kingdom and the natural world. When my Associate’s degree was completed, I moved back to my home state of MD and entered a Museum Studies and Fine Arts program where I received my BFA. During my college years, I had a wonderful cat named Katut who kept me company. He was another stray who found his way into my life.

Karen's dog painting

Karen, your daily dog walker and pet sitter in Coconut Creek is also an artist.

Following college, I moved to Cape Cod, MA. Again my love of nature was fulfilled by a totally new and different environment. Within walking distance of the
ocean and Cape Cod Bay, I explored the beaches, dunes, forests, and the plant and animal life within. At this time my interest in the arts led me to weave, spinning and dyeing my own wool. I spent many hours collecting specimens of natural materials; wild plants and flowers, lichens, barks, and roots with which to create
beautiful dyes..
On Cape Cod, I met my husband and we settled in Provincetown. This is where I first began pet sitting. In approximately 1990, a friend requested that I board her
shepherd/collie mix, Winona, for the winter while she vacationed in Mexico. My life was so enriched by this experience that I continued to board her for several more winters, as well as pet sit for other friends and neighbors. The animals that I cared for included dogs, cats, birds, and even one large iguana. When Winona passed away, I painted my first pet “box” with her portrait for my grieving friend. Since then, I have painted other pet boxes and pet portraits in oil paint.
Aside from art, another passion of mine is music, and while on Cape Cod, I played the flute and performed with two chamber music groups.

coconut creek dog painting

Coconut Creek pet sitting and dog walking.

In 2011, my mother, a resident of Coconut Creek had a stroke and I relocated to Florida to help care for her. Although she passed away 2 years ago, I have remained
in Coconut Creek. I do miss the wilder natural world of Cape Cod, but the warm climate here and the proximity to the ocean are a happy trade-off.
I am now retired and have resumed my painting and music. Because my current living situation does not allow pets, I would like to do pet sitting and add the joy that animals bring to my life. My retirement allows for wide availability and I am happy to offer dog walking and pet sitting in Coconut Creek, Margate, Palm Aire, Cypress Bend, and other communities that are within a 10-mile radius. Although I am not an animal trainer, I can provide for most of your pet’s needs in a loving manner.