Should I Dress My Dog Up for Halloween?


should-i-dress-my-dog-up-for-halloween-palm-beach-fl-house-and-hound-careSome pet owners are hesitant to dress their dogs up because they are afraid of what people on the internet or on the street might say. Many people have been saying that it’s “wrong” to dress your dog because “they aren’t people, and dressing them against their will is wrong”. However, the choice is completely up to you and your pooch! You know your dog better than any stranger, so simply test out an outfit and see how your pet reacts.

You probably already know whether or not your pet likes to wear clothes or costumes. If you’re in doubt, simply start to dress your pet. If they resist, or try to pull off their clothing once you’ve already put it on, it’s a pretty clear sign that they are uncomfortable. If your choice of costume makes it difficult for your pet to move around or use the bathroom, it’s probably a good idea to snap a quick picture for memories but leave the costume at home.

Costumes Can Protect From Weather!

Another factor to consider is what the weather will be like. Many pets will actually benefit from having a costume on in addition to their coats. In most areas, Halloween can be a very cold day. Having the extra clothes to protect them from harsh winds or cold weather is a very important factor you should consider before making your decision. On the other hand, in hotter areas, you might want to watch out for overheating. Pets with thicker or longer fur might get uncomfortably hot in their costumes. So if you still want to dress your pet in that situation, be sure to keep it light!

At the end of the day, don’t let strangers deter you and your pet from looking cute on Halloween! Every pet is different, and they will let you know (one way or another) whether they like their costume or not. Just be sure to pay attention to their body language and you should be fine.


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