Royal Palm Beach Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Royal Palm Beach

We offer professional pet sitting service, dog walking, pet sitting in your home and private dog boarding in our home in Royal Palm Beach FL. Please contact us by submitting a service request on our website, and we will get to shortly to set up a free introduction visit. 

If you are interested in visits in your home, like dog walking, cat sitting, or overnight pet sitting in your home, we will meet in your home. If you prefer to leave your dog in our home, we ask you to come over to our place to introduce your dog and let her or him sniff around in our home. 
We only take care of limited number social dogs in our home. Before we visit your home we ask you to fill out our online registration with all your pet care details like feeding, routines, allergies, and everything we need to know about your pets while you are away. 
Our Pet Sitting Pricing:
15 minutes visit – $15 
We recommend this service if you little low energy dog just need a quick midday pee break in the middle of the summer. 
30 minutes visit – $20 
While we visit your home in half hour, we can walk your dog, scoop the kitty box and feed everybody. 
One hour visit – $40
In one hour we can spend more time with all of your animals. Take care of exercise, feeding, litter box, water your indoor plants if you are away for an extended period of time. 
We have a $5 surcharge on weekends, holidays and during the week if your visit is scheduled after 7 pm. 
There is NO surcharge for multiple pets in your home and we will take care of everybody. 
Overnight pet sitting in your home – $80
We usually arrive at 9-10pm and leaver your home around 6-7am. This service includes 2 short walks. One when we arrive in the evening, and one when we leave your home in the morning. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have a $20 surcharge to this service. 
If you would like to hire us for Overning pet sitting, please consider adding one or two visits during the day. One around midday and one around dinner time. 
Private Cage Free Dog Boarding in our Home
Small Dog Boarding $40/day (less than 25 pounds)
Medium Dog Boarding $45/day (around 25- 40 pounds)
Larger Dog Boarding $50/day (dogs over 40 pounds)
We offer this service to a limited number of social dogs. We take care of your dog in our home like she or he is our dog.