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Oftentimes, we are overwhelmed with life’s activities. Some of these activities may prevent you from taking adequate care of your pets. It could be a journey out of your place of usual residence or a trip abroad that may take you two to three days or more. Whatever the case may be, you will need the service of the most professional and trust worthy pet sitter to take care of your pet while you’re away. If you reside in West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, The Acreage, Loxahatchee or Wellington, FL, House and Hound Care is the best pet sitting company you can find around.

The truth is not all pet sitters can give you real value for your money. Therefore, you should always look for those qualities a good pet sitter must possess before hiring one. Agreed, a good pet sitter must be reliable, compassionate, as well as knowledgeable. But, beside all these, other essential qualities you should also look for when planning to hire a pet sitter includes:

Love for Pets

One essential quality you must lookout for if you intend to hire the most professional pet sitter is the level of the potential candidate’s love for pets. Try to learn if the potential pet sitter has genuine concern for all animals by asking how their own personal pets are doing. Ask if they really enjoy what they do. Of course, if a pet sitter is only in the practice for the money, such a person may not be the best fit for you.

Level of Training and Education

Ensure that your potential pet sitter has the right kind of training and education. This is important as someone with good training and education will definitely have an ample understanding of the differences between breeds and temperaments, and will be in the right capacity to offer the best care for all your pets.


Your pet is your best buddy. So, whenever you’re out of town, it is important to leave it in the hand of someone who is trustworthy. Your pet sitter must be able to provide adequate safety and comfort for your pet while you’re away. More also, the safety of your home and belongings are important since you won’t be around while your pet sitter attends to the pet. Of course, handing over the keys to your home requires a new level of trust. Ensure that you conduct a background check on potential pet sitters before hiring them.

Have Relevant Insurance Policy

Having insurance coverage shows a high level of professionalism. No matter the level of your pet sitter’s experience, an eventuality can still occur. Your pet can have an accident. However, with insurance in place, your pet sitter can help out in the event of an unforeseen event that your pet suffers an injury.

Use the Service of a Professional Pet Sitting Company

A professional pet sitting company is already in the business of animal caring, with a lot of knowledgeable expert in their team. Thus, if you really want to have the most professional pet sitter caring for your animal on your behalf, then it is important that you seek the service of a reliable pet sitting company.

If this idea sounds great to you and you reside in West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, The Acreage, Loxahatchee or Wellington, FL, you can always rely on House and Hound Care for all your pet sitting needs. Contact House and Hound Care today for the most professional pet sitting and dog walking services you can find in Wellington, FL.


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