Royal Palm Beach Pet Sitter

My name is Monika Stefaniak.  I am a dog trainer and the owner of House and Hound Care.  I have been a professional pet sitter since 2004 and I am knowledgeable about all aspects of pet care including dog behavior.  I offer daily dog walking and pet sitting visits in the Royal Palm Beach and Acreage area. I also offer private dog boarding to small dogs in my home. Since I am an avid runner, you can hire me for early morning dog running too. (I would love to tire out your energetic dog while it is still cool outside in the early morning hours!) To set up a free introductory visit to meet you and your animals, please email us. (If I am training a dog, I may not able to pick up the phone right away, but leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible!)

I am originally from Hungary and after traveling the world as a photographer, I settled in Florida with my wonderful husband Jeff who is a fireman in the city of West Palm Beach. We do not have any kids, but we make up for this with our 5 miniature Dachshunds, who are our adopted babies. We also have a couple of pet chickens and a few neighborhood cats found out where to go for breakfast!

My interests include my love of animals and gardening, but I am also an artist in my free time and I enjoy taking classes and learning about a wide variety of topics such as art, psychology, and permaculture.