What are the benefits of using a pet sitter?

Your pets can enjoy staying in their own home in a familiar surroundings while being cared for by an insured professional pet sitter. Your animals will receive lots of love and attention while you are away and their routine will not be disrupted. A boarding facility can be a traumatic place for your pet not to mention the possibility that your dog become ill due to stress or a contagious illness from another pet. We will watch over your home, bring in mail, water your plants, turn on/off lights and take out the trash while you are away, and we will update you about your animals and home.

Am I going to meet the petsitter before I start my service?

Yes, we offer a free introductory visit to our clients to go over all the pet care details and instructions. The pet sitter you meet is the pet sitter who is going to visit your animals while you are away.

Do I need to register before I meet the pet sitter?

Yes, to keep us and our fellow pet sitters safe we ask our clients to register with their name, email and home address prior our complimentary introduction visit. After meeting your pet sitter and you decide that we a perfect match to your pet care needs, you can log on and add your veterinarian name and number, pet(s) information, pet medical history, and security system codes if you choose. We will also need a key to your home and the names of anyone else who may be entering the home while we are caring for your pet.

How are my keys handheld?

For your security, keys are labeled with your pet’s name only, NOT with your name and address and it is kept in a secure location of your pet sitter’s home.

How many pet visits do you recommend while I am away?

We usually recommend 3 visits a day for dogs and one visit for your cat or bird while you are away.

What shall I prepare before I leave?

Before you leave town, please make sure that you have filled out our online registration updated with all your pet sitting instructions and contact numbers. If you are our regular client, please make sure you update us on any changes regarding your pet’s health by logging in on your client profile. Please make sure you have left enough supplies such as pet food, cat litter, medications for your pet to last until you return home. Please leave out the leash, bowls, and any cleaning products we may need in case there is an accident to clean up.

What will happen if my animals need medical attention while I am away?

If an emergency should occur or your pets get sick, your pet sitter will follow the emergency instructions you provided on your client profile. We will contact you and your emergency contacts right away and take your pet to the vet.

What if my pet sitter has an emergency while I am away?

If your pet sitter has an emergency, we will contact you for your approval before sending over another qualified pet sitter to take care of your pets. All of our pet sitters are trained, insured and bonded.

What shall I expect when I arrive home after my trip?

We ask you that you let us know when you return home so we can be sure that you have arrived home and that you no longer need us to care for your pets. Delays often happen, therefore we assume that you have not arrived until we hear from you. We will continue to visit your animals until you confirm that you are home.

What if I need to cancel my scheduled pet sitting?

There is no need to worry, we are flexible and there is no cancellation fee. We only ask you to please let us know the changes as soon as possible, so we can change our schedule accordingly.

What method of payment do you accept and when do I pay?

We use a secure 3rd party credit card processing company to keep your payment information safe. Every month on the 1st and the 16th we process payments for the services rendered previously.