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Daily Dog Walker in Miramar, Pembroke Pines FL

Hello Pet Parents!

My name is Katherine (Kat for short), your friendly neighborhood animal lover!  I offer daily dog walking and pet sitting visit in Miramar, Pembroke Pines and the Weston area. I’ve always had animal companions since I was just a little girl, starting from my blue Betta fish- Bluey to now with my bunny Sir Anthony Hopkins and my thick Tabby cat, Marley. Over the years, I’ve had many different pets ranging from fish, to birds; small critters like rabbits and guinea pigs, and of course cats and dogs!
I began pet sitting from a young age, 10 years, usually to feed some fishes for a friend out of town or a relative’s puppy when they were away. I love pet sitting because it is something fun and easy to do while also fitting into my daily life. By day I’m an artist and usually spend my time at home creating, so the time needed to take care of our companions comes easy for me, especially when a puppy joins the family!
My bunny Hopkins has been with me for 5 years now, he’s litter trained in his pen and he loves to hop around my living room when he feels like coming out. He’s pretty friendly to people and allows others to pet him, even small children! He’s such a good bunny! Marley is our newest addition to the family, and we rescued her when she was on her way to the shelter. She was just a few months old when we brought her home. Marley is a big ball of energy and she became fast friends with Hopkins as well, so watching them play together and lay next to each other is the sweetest thing! Marley is very much the Queen, so she has to be in the room with everyone to feel included.
My friendly nature works well with animals and I’m not deterred by size or shape. I love showing affection and spending playtime with your animals, almost like they were my own! My goal is to establish a trusting relationship with you and your companions, as I like to say, “Animals can sense if the vibe is not right!” If I’m chosen to take care of your furry friend, I would like to also be their favorite person.  In the event of multiple pets or even taking care of an animal I never have before, I’m a strong problem solver and can adapt to any new changes on the spot. I’m open for communication throughout the visit as well, sending cute photos or check-ins to see how they’re doing. English is my native language, and I understand only a little bit of Spanish, but that has never stopped me before, and I will use whatever necessary to make sure we’re all on the same page.
I cover the Broward county area for pet sitting services and am just a hop and a skip away. Sometimes our pets may have special needs, or may need to take specific medications in a timely manner; I am open to taking that extra care with your guide to ensure your pet is also comfortable. In the past, I worked for the online pet store Chewy for about a year and I learned so much from other pet parents about their companions and how to take care of them, especially for pups that have a hard time taking their medicine! I am not trained in first aid, and in the case of an emergency, it’s important to note the closest animal care center to your home for help. For your pet companions, I want to make sure that you feel secure in putting your family into our care. I like to be thorough in knowing about you and your pet’s comforts and discomforts; how to properly care for them. Coming to your home, I will come equipped with some extra things for your pets to play with and use as well; I would even like to bring some fun treats for any future visits as well!
I look forward to meeting you and taking care of your furry companions! Thank you for choosing House and Hound Care!

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Visits

Woman with a dog and Cat

15 minutes visit $20
30 minutes visit $25
1 hour visit $40

There is a $5 surcharge on weekends and visit requested for before 7 AM and after 7 PM

50% surcharge on major holidays: New years day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Dog Boarding in the Pet Sitters’ Home

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Small to medium size dogs $50/day
Larger dogs (over 25 pound) $60/day

We only take care of a limited number of well behaved, social dogs in our home

Overnight Pet Sitting in your Home

Margate Dog Walker

Overnight pet sitting in your home $80
$20 surcharge for weekends and holidays

This service is between 9 pm and 6 am and includes two walks, one when we arrive and one before we leave your home. (You probably will need one or two additional visits during the day if you have a dog.