Does My Dog Need Sunscreen?

does my dog need sunscreen - Palm Beach Pet Sitting - House and Hound Care in FLYou should use sunscreen if your dog is losing hair, such as from allergies or hormonal changes, as their skin can become vulnerable. Fortunately, most dogs have enough pigmentation and hair covering their bodies to protect them from many of the harmful UV rays that the sun emits. Their greatest risk for sun exposure is on thinly haired areas, such as the belly and flanks. However, just like humans, dogs that are lightly colored and lightly coated are at a higher risk of sunburn and could definitely benefit from sunscreen. If your dog is kept outside for long periods of time, such as a trip to the beach or if they are an outdoors dog, you should also consider using sunscreen as they too can be vulnerable.

Check if Your Dog Needs Sunscreen!

Just be sure to ask your veterinarian what products are safe to use on your dog. Sunscreen can be toxic if consumed in large enough amounts, so store sunscreen in a safe place and make sure your dog does not lick it off himself. There are sunscreens that are made specifically for dogs, but if you’re having trouble finding them, look for one that’s safe for sensitive skin or babies.

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