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Breaking Up a Dog Fight

Preventing a Dog Fight Knowing how to prevent a dog fight is just as good of knowledge as for how to break up one. An important thing to be aware of is the common triggers of a dog fight. Food and toys are the most common triggers, as dogs can become possessive of these items […]

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Benefits of using a dog-walking service in Palm Beach FL

Benefits of Using a Dog-Walking Service in Palm Beach, FL

Dogs are man’s best friend. We love them in their different shapes and sizes. This is why we want to ensure that these pets enjoy the best care we can give them. Then comes the snag. The beehive of activities we are stuck in can make us unavailable to walk the dog. This is where […]

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Distemper in Dogs Symptoms

What is Distemper in Dogs? Distemper is a viral disease that can cause fever, coughing, and a build-up of mucus in the nose and throat. It attacks your dog’s respiratory, nervous system, and/or gastrointestinal tract. Although wild animals are the source, it can certainly be transmitted to your pets at home. The virus is spread […]

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Luxury Pet Sitting Services in Palm Beach Gardens Florida_House_And_Hound_Care_Palm_Beach_FL_PEt_Sitters

Professional Pet Sitting Services in Palm Beach Gardens Florida

You have a lovely pet -Stan. He has these cool eyes that seem to captivate you anytime you look into them. He is so cute you just want him in almost every picture. Your friends admire him a lot. But now there is a problem, you got a new job and have to go out […]

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Tips for Caring for a Senior Cat House and Houd Care Palm Beach FL

Tips for Caring for a Senior Cat

Just like humans, each individual cat ages differently. Some senior cats may still act like young adults, while others are having trouble making it to the litter box. Whatever the case may be, here are some helpful tips to make your kitty’s senior years a little easier.   The most important thing to do is […]

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Stress-Free Dog Nail Trimming_House_And_Hound_Care_Palm_Beach_Pet_Sitting

Stress-Free Dog Nail Trimming

It is very important to keep your dog’s nails trim. Most dogs require a nail trim about every two weeks or so, but some dogs might need them less often because their nails grow slowly or because they naturally trim their nails while walking or running on rough surfaces, like concrete. If you hear your […]

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Allergies in Dogs_House_And_Hound_Care_Palm_Beach_Pet_Sitters

Allergies in Dogs

It is thought that one in five dogs suffer from severe allergies that make their life miserable. Not only is the constant itching and scratching bothersome to us, but it can be very stressful and annoying to the pets as well. Not only that, but it is also common for a pet to scratch himself […]

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Beating the Summer Heat With Your Pet_House_And_Hound_Care_Palm_Beach_Pet_Sitters

Beating the Summer Heat With Your Pet

Most everyone knows how dangerous the summer heat can be. Heat stroke and hyperthermia claim human victims every summer, and the hotter the temperatures, of course, the greater the risks. It is important to take care of yourself, but also remember to take care of your pets, because the heat can be fatal for them […]

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Should I Toilet Train My Cat?_House_And_Hound_Care_Palm_Beach_Pet_Sitters

Should I Toilet Train My Cat?

Cat owners often resort to toilet training their cats because they are fed-up with the smell or uncleanliness of a litter box. However, litter boxes don’t have to be repulsing. In reality, their cleanliness depends on how often the feces is scooped out. The same way we feel about using an unflushed toilet is how […]

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Should I Declaw My Cat?_House_And_Hound_Care_Palm_Beach_Pet_Sitting

Should I Declaw My Cat?

Whether or not a cat should be declawed is up to you. In some situation, it might be the only option. However, many people make the permanent and painful decision to declaw their cats without doing all the proper research.   Most people declaw their cats because it is a quick fix to unwanted clawing […]

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