Why Palm Beach Gardens is a Pet’s Dream Home - House_and_Hound_Care

Why Palm Beach Gardens is a Pet’s Dream Home

Don’t you hate it when you go out but have to leave your pets behind? It doesn’t seem fair that the entire family can enjoy a beautiful day out, while the four-legged members miss out on all the fun. However, if you live in or around Palm Beach Gardens, you will be pleased to know […]

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Why we are the Best Pet Sitters in Royal Palm Beach_FL

Why we are the Best Pet Sitters in Royal Palm Beach

Are you traveling for vacation or work and need some way for your pets to be looked after in the manner they are accustomed to while you are gone. You are not alone; thousands of pet lovers across the state face this same situation every holiday or weekend.  The answer to your problem is available […]

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In Home Pet Sitters - People Who Love Your Animals as Much as You Do_House_And_Hound_Care_Palm_Beach_FL

In Home Pet Sitters – People Who Love Your Animals as Much as You Do

We all love our pets, but living with them can create challenges when life takes us away from our homes to locations where they may not be welcome. Naturally, we would all prefer it if we could take our pets on every family vacation or business trip, but it’s not always possible. You have the […]

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Looking for a Professional Dog Walker in Wellington, FL?

Are you living in Wellington, FL? Do you have dog(s) in your home? Are you looking for a professional dog walker in Wellington, FL, who can help keep your dog active and energetic? If you answer yes to all the above questions, this post is for you. Your four-legged pet needs a companion to walk […]

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Professional Pet Sitters in Royal Palm Beach: House and Hound Care

  Oftentimes, we are overwhelmed with life’s activities. Some of these activities may prevent you from taking adequate care of your pets. It could be a journey out of your place of usual residence or a trip abroad that may take you two to three days or more. Whatever the case may be, you will […]

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Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters every year. Most of the animals that are put down are fully functional and sweet, loving creatures. Meanwhile, about 2 million puppies are bred each year in puppy mills. This is the reason that, when looking for a new pet, it’s better to adopt than to […]

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Should I Dress My Dog Up for Halloween?

Some pet owners are hesitant to dress their dogs up because they are afraid of what people on the internet or on the street might say. Many people have been saying that it’s “wrong” to dress your dog because “they aren’t people, and dressing them against their will is wrong”. However, the choice is completely […]

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Why Worming Your Pet is Important

There are many types of parasites whose purpose is to thrive at the risk of our pets’ health. Although some parasites are not as harmful as others, it is important to worm your pets at an early age, and reduce the risk of contact with these parasites throughout the rest of their lives.   Suffering […]

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Top 5 Dog Parks in West Palm Beach, FL

Ever wondered just where are those dog parks located in the West Palm Beach area? Look no more! 1 -Pooch Pines Dog Park 7715 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL. 33413 This park, designed for off-leash recreation, is fenced and features several areas, a wash station, shade, benches, and fountains. 2 – Wellington Dog […]

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does my dog need sunscreen - Palm Beach Pet Sitting - House and Hound Care in FL

Does My Dog Need Sunscreen?

You should use sunscreen if your dog is losing hair, such as from allergies or hormonal changes, as their skin can become vulnerable. Fortunately, most dogs have enough pigmentation and hair covering their bodies to protect them from many of the harmful UV rays that the sun emits. Their greatest risk for sun exposure is […]

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